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Aug. 22nd, 2007

New address

I've got a new place:

And I've also started a new blog to list upcoming swaps, especially the harder-to-find privately held swaps on people's blogs.

Jul. 5th, 2007

Sew very useful neck cooler

Sew very useful neck cooler
Originally uploaded by Beastbunny.
I have entered the Etsy/Instructables Sew Useful contest. The neck cooler is my entry. Please visit my Instructable for a turorial:

And my etsy if you want to purchase this one!

If you visit both, you will help me have a better chance to win a new sewing machine! I'll gladly give you lessons on it if you help me win! Or I'll sew you something cool if you like!

Jun. 27th, 2007

crochet cherry tartlet

crochet cherry tartlet
Originally uploaded by Beastbunny.
I've been busy making crochet food like this tartlet and hotdog. Also made a blueberry tartlet, fortune cookies, oreos, bread slices, strawberries and I am making an ice cream cone right now. They are for a swap and will make my partner's daughter VERY happy.

It's officially summer now and my summer news is that I am taking swimming lessons! I took lessons in grade school but failed, mainly due to my inattention and chatting with friends instead of learning strokes. So I'm hoping to learn a few different techniques so I can lap swim for exercise when it gets really hot!

crochet hotdog

crochet hotdog
Originally uploaded by Beastbunny.
With mustard!

Jun. 6th, 2007

a switch

After nearly 8 years on birth control pills, I've made a switch!  No, I'm not going off them.  Gah!  I'd never think of it unless I got one of those nifty hysterectomies.  I switch around my sugar pill week so that every single weekend is period-free!  I can't believe it never struck me to do that before.  Now I'm free EVERY single weekend! 

Ever since making cupcakes for the craft meeting, I've been obsessed with them.  I made more tonight because I ate the last of the last batch.  Mmm, cherry chip cake!  And they're all mine because Mike doesn't like cherry chip!

Things are all planted in the garden.  We've got:
lettuce, carrots and radishes that have been growing for about a month now
all manner and variety of pumpkins and gourds!
moon and stars watermelons

I think my corn that I planted (strawberry popcorn) all got eaten by birds/bunnies so no popcorn this fall.   Sad.

May. 29th, 2007

After a long break.

My dear bud verba0 called today and I was reminded that people are still posting their tidbits on here and that I might want to keep up both reading and writing.  So I'm making an appearance. 

We've been going to dog shows on occasion, competing in Rally and Obedience.  Our latest challenge is putting together a short Freestyle (read: dancing with your dog) routine for an upcoming show.  I've almost got it choreographed the way I want it and just need to put in some hours practicing with the boy.  Speaking of the boy, Sully had his fourth birthday party which went smashingly!  His buds all came and they played games and ate cake and ice cream and wore paw print party hats. 

This weekend we got a new car.  We traded in the Stratus for a Yaris.  Only the cutest little car around!  Loving it so far, it has a cute little face on the front.  We got the liftback so it's even smaller and cuter!

WIP fingerless mitts

WIP fingerless mitts
Originally uploaded by Beastbunny.
My latest craft project, fingerless mittens! Such lovely wool yarn, so soft to work with and they're going so fast. I have one down and one in progress (shown).

Speaking of crafts, we will be having a crafty get together at my house on Sunday. All crafty well-behaved people are invited. There will be cupcakes! Bring you knitting, embroidery, origami, etc. and have a sit with us.

Jan. 3rd, 2007

(no subject)

Yesterday was my first day back for work in over a week, due to a nice long holiday vacation I took.  It was relaxing, didn't get as much done at home as I wanted to (Christmas decorations are still up) but being back to work is nice too.  I like the schedule of being at work, a reason to get up and get moving in the morning, then lunch as a scheduled time and then a clear-cut point at which the day is mine and I am free to do as I please.  Having all day to do what I want leaves me a whole lot of time to NOT do what I need to.  :) 

So, 2007, time for resolutions.  I know, lots of people don't like resolutions.  But I am always one for goal-setting and what better time that at the beginning of the year!  So my resolutions are:

Physical fitness:
attend two classes/week at the gym and strength train at home in between
maintain my FitDay food journal for at least two months to analyze what I could do better in that area

Digital/Paper Scrapbooking:
complete 5 pages every month (60 this year!)

continue showing on a manageable scale (not EVERY weekend)
take Sully on 3 20-min trots every week
build up his abdominal and back muscles enough to do stand on his back legs

Over our vacation, we went to Indianapolis and ate at the Broad Ripple Brewpub.

This place was excellent!  The vegetarian options are staggering and everything I ate (lentil soup, vegan sloppy joe with fresh sweet potato chips) was absolutely delectable.  We have a show coming up in Indy and we are definitely going to eat here again if we are anywhere near it!  Of course, the original reason we went there is so Mike could eat some scotch eggs.  I would love to go there for dinner and try the shepherd's pie or one of their pastas.

I hope everyone who has made resolutions has good luck with them!

Dec. 1st, 2006

Sully's chilly!

My fortune cookie today told me:
Consider gain and loss, but never be greedy and everything will be all right.

I take this to mean "Do not go back for second helpings of chinese food and everything will be all right, you may even loose a pound, or at least not gain one." :)

So, the plans are set for a holiday party at my house! Next weekend. Cheeseballs to make, seating to magically make appear because just like last year I have way too many people coming for our tiny living room, and favors to create in my copious spare time!

I am back on plan to try and actually loose weight this holiday season. This is, more importantly, a tool for dealing with my anxiety. So it's off to yoga and team strength classes, or when you're iced in like last night, it's working out in the living room to Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs.

Funny Sully story: Today it is snowing and icy for the first time this winter! Sully lived outside for the first years of his life. InWisconsin, I might add. I'm sure he's used to this kind of weather. Now he's spoiled and sleeps on the sofa and enjoys the finer things in life like those Nutro Dog Desserts in flavors like Pumpkin Crumble and Apple Strudel. When I opened the door this morning for him to go potty, he stepped out and turne around, beaseching me to let him back in. After a few seconds, he realized he had to go pee before I'd let him back in just like every morning. So he stepped off the step with only his front feet, lifted on leg and peed off the step with one foot still on it. Then he hopped back up in front of the door and I let him in for breakfast. It doesn't take long to turn a dog soft.

Nov. 29th, 2006

(no subject)

Oh, holidays! Holidays are one of the few things keeping me up and going right about now. Work is not going any better but at least home life is not terrible. I just keep making stupid errors, misplacing things and generally making myself seem like a bumbling oaf. My boss keeps telling me they are piddling things and I make a big deal out of everything when I shouldn't. But I don't know WHY I keep messing up. I've had this job down to a science for over a year and now I look like I have no idea what I'm doing. I am trying some anxiety-easing exercises so hopefully that helps.

Just finished up a few swaps, should really post pictures of the christmas ornaments, corgi goodies and recipe cards I just finished up!

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